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Salvage Super Sounds Week Ten

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Salvage Super Sounds Week 10 highlights an instrument called 'Marching Men,' a small instrument that delivers a big sound in stark contrast to our quiet city streets. If you're at home right now, look around you to see what instruments you can make from regular household items. Can you make a pots, pans, and mixing [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Nine

By |2020-03-12T10:20:02+00:00March 12th, 2020|Categories: News|

In this short and sweet video for Salvage Super Sounds Week Nine, The Junkman plays a shaker/drum made from a chocolate box and rice. Where did The Junkman find this chocolate box? Again, just one of the many sacrifices he's willing to make for his craft. Enjoy and stay safe, everyone. [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week 8

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We like cold beverages. We like cold beverages. . . and the containers that hold them. In Salvage Super Sounds Week 8, The Junkman plays a nifty glass Spanish liqueur bottle and a plastic pitcher, both quite empty, of course. Ah, the sacrifices an artist must make for their craft.