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Salvage Super Sounds Week Six

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After a week of rain from Storm Dennis, we're itching for spring. Or, as Sean Connery would call it, 'shpring.' So, today we're focusing on windchimes. Made from metal rings, old keys, wood, and bamboo, the sound of these windchimes will transport you to lazy summer days spent on the front porch. Summer dreaming, courtesy [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Five

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This week, The Junkman shows us a few pieces from his collection of nearly 65 shakers. Glass shakers, metal shakers, plastic shakers - The Junkman has them all and they they've travelled with him from Vermont to Virginia and now to England. Some have even toured with him in South Korea, Mexico, and Europe. Shakers. [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Four

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The Junkman introduces us to the beauty of brass as he plays a couple of dresser drawer pulls and a candlestick. Can you hear the difference when The Junkman waves the objects in the air?