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Salvage Super Sounds Week 8

We like cold beverages. We like cold beverages. . . and the containers that hold them. In Salvage Super Sounds Week 8, The Junkman plays a nifty glass Spanish liqueur bottle and a plastic [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Seven

The Junkman goes metal this week on Salvage Super Sounds! We're not talking heavy metal, hair metal, speed metal, or death metal so do NOT, by any means, get your iron Maiden tshirt out [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Six

After a week of rain from Storm Dennis, we're itching for spring. Or, as Sean Connery would call it, 'shpring.' So, today we're focusing on windchimes. Made from metal rings, old keys, wood, and [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Five

This week, The Junkman shows us a few pieces from his collection of nearly 65 shakers. Glass shakers, metal shakers, plastic shakers - The Junkman has them all and they they've travelled with him [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Four

The Junkman introduces us to the beauty of brass as he plays a couple of dresser drawer pulls and a candlestick. Can you hear the difference when The Junkman waves the objects in the [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Three

The Junkman plays a refrigerator shelf and a table leg, proving that musical instruments are all around us so long as we use some ingenuity. Have you found any household items that make an [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Two

In The Junkman's second episode of Salvage Super Sounds, he introduces us to a mark tree which, in typical Junk Music style, is fashioned from scraps of plumbing pipe. What do you have lying [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week One

Introducing a new Junk Music feature: Salvage Super Sounds! Each week, The Junkman will demonstrate an item from his vast collection of reused/repurposed musical instruments. This week's item is a pair of artillery shells [...]

Moving Towards Eternity

Here is my latest commission for Eva Dean Dance, Moving Towards Eternity, which is contained in Fork In the Road, from Liquid Silver, Part III. It premiered Sept 8, 2018, in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. [...]

Server Issues

If you tried to contact Junk Music or access the site during the past two weeks, you may have encountered some difficulties. Our site was hacked, but your contact information was not compromised. We [...]

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