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Salvage Super Sounds Week Twelve

Have some jar lids or bottle tops handy? Join The Junkman as he shows you how to play those tops like castanets. It's so easy, you may even have time to learn the flamenco. [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Returns!

After a brief break wherein he completed some new and exciting projects (Which we hope to share at a later date), The Junkman is back for another round of Salvage Super Sounds! This time [...]

My Sound Sculpture in Virtual Learning

I built this sound sculpture 16 years ago! It's still in great shape -due in part to Ms Lisa's diligence- and is now being used in virtual learning classes. Thanks for sharing this with [...]

Medium Article

Here's a great in-depth article about my career and my music. I hope you enjoy! - Junkman

Salvage Super Sounds Week Ten

Salvage Super Sounds Week 10 highlights an instrument called 'Marching Men,' a small instrument that delivers a big sound in stark contrast to our quiet city streets. If you're at home right now, look [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Nine

In this short and sweet video for Salvage Super Sounds Week Nine, The Junkman plays a shaker/drum made from a chocolate box and rice. Where did The Junkman find this chocolate box? Again, just [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week 8

We like cold beverages. We like cold beverages. . . and the containers that hold them. In Salvage Super Sounds Week 8, The Junkman plays a nifty glass Spanish liqueur bottle and a plastic [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Seven

The Junkman goes metal this week on Salvage Super Sounds! We're not talking heavy metal, hair metal, speed metal, or death metal so do NOT, by any means, get your iron Maiden tshirt out [...]

Salvage Super Sounds Week Six

After a week of rain from Storm Dennis, we're itching for spring. Or, as Sean Connery would call it, 'shpring.' So, today we're focusing on windchimes. Made from metal rings, old keys, wood, and [...]

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