The Junkman has completed “Cubert,” a 17-voice, automated “robotic” percussion instrument utilizing 17 individual reused materials made from plastic, wood, metal, and glass. Each voice is activated by a small mallet head coming into contact with an object via a solenoid or a motor. The voices are activated by a MIDI interface that is open and fully programmable.

“Cubert” was conceived and designed by The Junkman and realized at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) by Nathan Churchill, senior engineer, and his staff. It was a SABRE Technical Development Project funded by a generous grant from the European Union Regional Development Fund. 

“Cubert” will provide the sole instrumental accompaniment for Thor in The Junkman‘s upcoming opera Odin, then and now. The Junkman will also utilize “Cubert” in many of his solo concerts.

The Junkman with Nathan Churchill