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    High-Quality 100% Cotton Junk Music T-Shirts. Fashionable for Any Occassion.
  • SUVs SUCK gasoline "bumpa sticka" (bumper sticker). Free Shipping and Handling!
  • Out of stock
    High-Quality 100% Cotton Junk Music T-Shirts. Fashionable for Any Occassion.
  • This Grammy-Nominated CD Release by The Junkman has 14 tracks of explorations into the various "families" of junk and different moods of sound.  
    Track Listing:
    1. Metal Music
    2. Wood Music
    3. Mishmash Music
    4. Kitchen Music
    5. Paper Music
    6. Body Music
    7. Dracula
    8. Zen Samba
    9. Wind Chime Music
    10. Shakers
    11. 3+2
    12. March
    13. Rock Music
    14. Tilted Dream
  • The Junkman's New Album, mixed by veteran rock producer David Kahne (Sugar Ray, Sublime, Paul McCartney, The Bangles...), contains the full version of Surfer at the River Styx, commissioned by The Kennedy Center for choreographer Twyla Tharp, Abracadabra, the track used omega replica watches on ESPN's promotional commercial "Makeshift" and 10 more fresh tracks from The Junkman.
    Track Listing:
    1. what the world needs now is packaging, more packaging
    2. styrofoam never dies
    3. surfer 6
    4. built to last, fall apart
    5. beat the can
    6. mantra for a polluter
    7. abracadabra
    8. SUVs SUCK gasoline
    9. drug puppet
    10. reduce, reuse, recycle
    11. the Bushes don
    12. surfer at the river styx (bonus)
  • The new CD release is entitled NatRes + MoNa + Man, which stands for Natural Resources + Mother Nature + Man (NRMNM). Some twenty years before the green movement arrived, The Junkman™ was performing exclusively on recycled materials and yakking about taking better care of Mother Earth! He's an original who truly walks the green talk! In NRMNM, The Junkman™ unleashes some pleasant suprises, including many new, exciting and unusual percussion sounds from recycled materials. He also incorporates traditional music instruments as well as singers, hip hop artists replica watches uk and choirs. NRMNM offers a snapshot of planet earth today. A look at water, soil, air, climate change, what we replica breitling buy, what we throw away and more. And, it offers small, positive steps we can all make in our daily lives that will leave a huge positive footprint on Mother Earth!
    Track Listing:
    1. Intro & State of the Earth
    2. Stuff and Things
    3. Water
    4. Change
    5. Packaging
    6. Litterbug
    7. One World
    8. Recycled Rhythms
    9. Ride the Wave
    10. Sustainable Love
    11. Footprint
    12. Change (Reprise)
  • Pin

    Fashionable and Environmentally-Conscious Junk Music Pin. Handcrafted by Pascale MacMuray in Jeffersonville, Vermont and made from all recycled materials! Makes a great gift.